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Dongsook Whitehead

Ms. Dongsook Whitehead is a Co-Founder, Chief Instructional Designer and President of C4EIS. She also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Connect For Education, Inc., an affiliate of C4EIS. As an author, instructional designer, and programmer for C4EIS, Ms. Whitehead has authored and edited nationally recognized, accredited, interactive web-based courses in music, languages, and public speaking for the higher education market and training materials for DoD customers. She has extensive experience developing and providing computer and web-based analytic tools and capabilities to support information exploitation, normalization, integration, extraction, analysis, assessment, presentation and interaction, including, without limitation, Rapid Prototyping, Data Analytics, and UI Design. Dongsook's main areas of research interest are the design and scalability of collaborative, distributed teaching environments on the Internet and the use of visual representation to teach complex concepts using interactive multimedia technologies.

Dongsook received training and education at the Graduate Program at California State University, Northridge in Instructional Media and Design, Graduate Program at Chapman University, South Korea Campus in Human Resources Management, and has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Ewha Woman's University.