Expertise and Services

Learning Theory

We help you become active learners...

Our instructional design approach is based on the artful blending of behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist learning theories resourcefully applied to instructional objectives and desired learning outcomes.

In consultation with subject matter experts, our team of experienced designers, technologists, and project managers builds customized solutions that match course requirements with learning goals and advanced technologies to produce simple, powerful, affordable, and memorable results.

Our courses present engaging information, guide the learner, afford multiple learning opportunities for self and guided practice, and provide instructors with advanced assessment, administration, and communication tools to interact with students meaningfully and measure learning outcomes effectively.

Instructional Design

We measure 10 times and cut once...

We apply optimal instructional design models to effectively address subject matter challenges and target audience. We study, evaluate, analyze every detail of the teaching/learning environment and desired learning outcomes. This thorough approach combined with rapid prototyping allows us to build effective, efficient, and appealing course materials in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ongoing research and development in Web 2.0 and database technologies coupled with the highest instructional design standards allow us to implement and deliver dynamic, widely accessible content and courses that inspires instructors, engages students and maximizes knowledge retention.

We provide a continual feedback loop by employing program evaluation with stakeholders to ensure quality control and achievement and retention of learning objectives.

Web and Database Technologies

We keep our ear to the ground...

Training and education is a competitive and technology driven field. Instructors and students increasingly demand course materials and technologies that allow them to interact with content and collaborate with each other in meaningful and compelling ways. Where instructionally appropriate, we leverage Collaborative/Group Learning, Immersive Learning Simulations, Cohort Learning, and the power of Social Networks through Threaded Discussion Forums, VideoCapture Tools, Blogs, Wikis, RSS and podcasts.

Expertise in Web 2.0 and database technologies allow us to provide enterprise-level, secure, authenticated tools for record management and data storage essential for course administrative purposes and tracking/archiving of student performance and evaluation history.

Mobile Technologies

We are with you on the road...

We work with you to develop a mobile strategy to fulfill the needs and expectations of your organization by learning about user needs, behavior and goals. We have a proven methodology to provide innovative, memorable solutions to our clients through constant communication, customization and partnership. Our integrated design team begin with design and develop cost effective and user-friendly mobile application that is scalable and technology and platform agnostic.

Learning Management System Solutions

We simplify your educational, administrative, and deployment requirements...

Our robust Learning Management System provides:

  • Role based access for system administrators, instructors, team teachers, teaching assistants, and students
  • Customizable control and navigation panels based on user’s role
  • Online self-registration
  • Hosting of course content in every conceivable combination of text, graphics, animations, video, hyperlinks, and branching
  • Fully-featured, customizable assessment and progress tracking
  • Gradebook with integrated calendar, reporting, tracking, and instructor/student commenting capabilities
  • Automatic grading under instructors full control
  • Test and question time control including test time entry windows, control of test duration, and individual question presentation time
  • Support for surveys, diagnostic assessments, and tutorial strands of instruction
  • Customizable course environment
  • Instructor assignment capability
  • Communication capabilities
  • Online interactive glossary and vocabulary dictionaries
  • Multimedia Presentation and Evaluation tools
  • Performance and Instructional Tracking for Critical Assessment and Participation Monitoring
  • Training Administration
  • Learning Path
  • Digital Learning Jacket
  • Secured Access of User Information

Instructional Tools and Engines

We help you...

  • Select the right assessment tools to match your learning outcomes requirements.
  • Build web-based engines to support and enhance your assessment needs and assure continued student success.
  • Customize our existing engines to fit your assessment requirements.
  • Build generative and adaptive assessments that make old pre-canned tests pools a thing of the past.
  • Deploy secure, authenticated quizzes and exams.
  • Create engaging, meaningful, interactive course assessment components.

We also offer you Acclaim...

Acclaim is a video and audio sharing and presentation technology that allows the users to upload and share videos, audio and image files for the purpose of presenting, receiving and providing specific, time-marked, feedback in written, oral or graphical format.

Acclaim can be easily integrated into curricula to engage students in learning and interacting with their instructors and peers. Furthermore, Acclaim can also be a valuable tool in developing self-evaluation and metacognition skills, including knowledge about when and where to use particular strategies for learning or for problem solving, essential components of any curriculum that aspires to meet each student's individual educational needs. With the traditional in-person classroom supplemented and sometime replaced with customizable, interactive, multimedia web-based distributed learning tools and applications, schools are starting to recognize the efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability of web-based distributed and distance learning. Acclaim® fits ideally in these new environments with virtually limitless applications in practically and academic or training field.

Technology Infrastructure

Peace of Mind...

Using load balancing and content delivery network (CDN) features, we offer highly available, scalable, and secure hosting environments for thousands of schools nationwide. Our IT maintenance staff is comprise of committed, skilled professionals that leverage the latest technological and innovative solutions at the service of our clients.

Each developer and network engineer is highly qualified and certified in the various aspects of network and software development from operational, technical, to tactical hands-on implementation.

Our IT infrastructure encompasses all facets in planning, programming, budget, and execution of the IT life cycle management.

Technical Support

You are never alone...

We understand that the eLearning market is highly competitive. One of our key differentiators is exceptional service and support. Our support team has built a reputation for clear and timely communication to users regardless of their level of experience, taking the time to explain why the problem occurred, and explaining how it can be best avoided in the future. We use an online tracking system to access a centralized database to communicate, document, track, report and resolve issues in a timely manner. In one word, we make customer support painless. Our job, however, doesn't end when the issues are resolved. Our goal is to be proactive: Constantly finding ways to enhance the user's experience and documenting solutions for improved customer satisfaction.