How It Works

C4EIS is a one-stop shop, providing services to meet all of your educational goals.

Choose one or more of our ready-to-use, customizable courses, or have us build one for you. Either way, you and your learners will enjoy state-of-the-art, online courseware that ignites imaginations.

Following standard product life cycle processes, we design, develop, and distribute fully integrated, easily-accessible, and effective training/educational materials based on the standard principles of instructional design, learning theory, information management, and technology infrastructure.

Product life cycle


Our simple, beautiful, unique designs and curricula make it easy for students to navigate and explore their courses. We have the expertise to integrate content into your environment or choose C4ELink, our robust LMS platform with IT support. In C4ELink, student's access their courses through a provided learning dashboard, which tracks student activity in addition to course evaluations.

We create engaging learning activities, which use a range of interactive media, including gamification, animations, original videos, interactive HTML, live streaming, audio clips, articles, PDFs, and more for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Additionally, we offer incentives to learn through points, badges, and learner progress with visual motivations. Creative content is critical for focused attention and information retention.

Our robust LMS platform can include real-time chat, webinars, and conversations, in any language. Our unique courseware is mobile-responsive (HTML5 compatible), and the multimedia elements are available off-line for those times when an internet connection isn't available.