Acclaim is a video, audio, and file sharing and viewing technology that allows users to upload and share videos, audios, and all types of files for the purposes of presenting receiving and providing specific, time-marked, feedback in written, oral, video, and graphic formats.

Corporate Training

Investing in human capital is the foundation of a company’s success. Through systematic training, employees and other stakeholders can learn, retain, retrieve and apply new information and knowledge to help an organization achieve its strategic objectives.

Traditional in-person training is quickly being replaced with customizable, interactive and multimedia web-based distributed learning modality as organizations recognize the efficiency, effectiveness and scalability of web-based distributed and distance learning. Acclaim can further enhance the effectiveness of this teaching-learning loop by introducing text, audio, video and other critical feedback to the employees to enhance their on-the-job performance. The possibilities are limitless. Employees can learn to improve their presentation, technical, trade and other relevant skills in a wide range of professions and areas—professional, hospital, trade, manufacturing and service.

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Peak athletic performances are the result of collaboration between coaches and athletes to achieve targeted training, practice, evaluation and performance. Almost all athletic events require precision in the movement of an athlete’s body that can be committed to his or her muscle memory with the goal that the athlete can repeat that precise movement with the exact same force, speed and power. Acclaim provides the technology required to enable coaches to evaluate the athlete’s movement and for the athlete to receive precise instructions and comments at specific points of his or her movement for improvement to achieve peak performance.

Coaches and athletes can also use Acclaim to prepare for games. When reviewing films and videos of opponents, coaches can add comments using text, audio, graphic markers and video features to highlight areas of focus and distribute them to their players for review and preparation. They can also use Acclaim as a unique recruiting and scouting tool. Student athletes can upload or send audiovideo clips to recruiters and recruiters can share evaluations with other recruiters and coaches.

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Health, Medicine & Science

Imagine a doctor in a small country with limited medical resources and facilities sees a patient with a condition that is not easily discernable. Or a dog starts to exhibit behavioral symptoms that you have not seen before. The success of any treatment protocol for such conditions may depend on being able to consult with renowned specialists, but what if they are located hundreds of miles away in different time zones? How will they see what you see? How will you see what they see? Acclaim can provide the solution. Use Acclaim as an evaluative tool to create and transmit an audiovisual file that can be viewed by as many specialists as needed. They can share their views and diagnosis and send specific comments and evaluations back so that the right diagnosis can be made and the best treatment protocol can be implemented. Timely. Accurately. Precisely. All of the things that are necessary to successfully treat diseases and illnesses. Acclaim can help.

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Intelligence, Analysis & Information/Military

Technology has introduced a new way of precise intelligence gathering to take the “guessing” work out. Today, various agencies of the federal government use video, audio, geospatial, satellite imaging to gather information that are mission critical. Frequently, to save lives, unmanned vehicles gather information and transmit them to live humans for analysis. But how can you make sure that such analysis is delivered to the intended audience?

You can by reviewing the videos and images, providing precise analysis at time-specific captions with audio or text analysis with graphic markers, and transmitting them real-time to the people who need to know. It can be utilized effectively in military scenario, global weather condition assessment, counter-terrorism and various others aspects that require achieving mission-critical success. Acclaim can help you gather, analyze and communicate critical information to your intended audience.

For more information on how Acclaim can help you and your organization by contacting us at info@c4eis.com or call us at 703-880-1180 Extension 130 or 171